The town is situated in the North-West part of the County, at the Eastern side of the Marcali-plateau of the Inner-Somogy Middle Land.

Society - Public Life

There is no evaluateable record of the number of members and the work of the political parties in the town organized after the change of the political system.

  Society - Population

At the beginning of the century 4,500 people were counted here. Population started to grow significantly in the sixties.

Society - Health and social care

The hospital in existence since 1861 got its final location in 1946 at that time with 35-40 beds. It continuously expanded, modernized itself including the supporting facilities.
Society - Sport

The organized sports life began in the town in 1911. After changing its name a several times, the largest sport club got its name the MVSE (Marcali Town Sport Club) in 1977 and uses it even nowadays.

Society - Religion

A writing from the beginning of the century states that citizens of Marcali were roman Catholics. This has not changed since then; today 98 % of the population is catholic.

Education - Cultural life

The municipality spends almost 50 million Forints on supporting civilization. Within the aimed task support fund competitions, the organizations and civil associations get additional finances.


The 453 kindergartner of the town are distributed in 19 groups of seven kindergartens. They are in the supervision of 40 kindergarten teachers.

Education - Ethnography

The memories of the objective etnographic culture of the XX Century show that the local switched from the typical farmer properties to bourgeois ones, with less typical characteristics (in clothing, homes, and in construction).

Education - Monuments

The town - in the background of the Balaton - is mainly serving the transit tourism. Accommodations are provided by four pensions with 60 spaces, the student hostels of the high schools and a few private houses.

Infrastructure - coverage

The castle of the Marczali's in the Middle Ages was probably located on the Castle hill. The only one and nearby street was the center of the expansion of the town.

Infrastructure - outskirts

Bize: Lays south of the town. The first written memory is from 1390; the Bizei family had it's land here.


Marcali was an agriculture like town up until the sixties. After the organization of the tsz-s, more and more young one looked after the possibilities in the industry.


Marcali has town-twinning relations with three foreign settlements, the town of the German Kunzelsau, the Romanian Marosheviz, the Italian Morovalle and in the near past Medulin from the Istria also joined this group.

Development plans

The settlement of the new part of the hospital in Lengyeltoti requires the construction of an 82 bed wing. The operating rooms will be modernized.

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